Who we are

Schuko is the name of an electrical plug, an essential tool for the transmission of electrical current and the operation of technological equipment, and at the same time a reference to an active contact, to a passage of energy that “makes things work”.

The company was created after a meeting between dancers Marta Melucci and Francesca Telli. With an academic background ranging from design to philosophy, set design and somatic experiencing, they share the same contemporary dance training. They started by creating site-specific performances and later developed with light designer Paolo Spotti and through collaborating with artists from different backgrounds a line of research integrating dance, design and visual arts.

With its different expressions Schuko’s research is directed towards the contemporary world, investigating the relationship between the body and space, forms of communication, identities, conflicts and resources of contemporary times. Sets, costumes and the ever-changing relationship to the public are aspects the company investigates with curiosity and care for detail, supporting a choreographic research open to experimentation and a multiplicity of languages.