SuperOnda (2014)

creation: Schuko – Francesca Telli, Marta Melucci, Paolo Spotti
original music: Claudio Fabbrini
shooting: Titta Cosetta Raccagni
set design assistant: Marco De Santi, Eugenia Tartarelli
production: Schuko, Aiep / Did Studio Milano

Superonda’s theme is human adaptation to environmental emergencies. Specifically it refers to water: destructive element, extreme necessity and merciless enemy. Such natural phenomena are understood as forces able to operate violent mix of objects, people and ecosystems. A call to reflect on changing in its most radical form and on the ability of human beings to relate to an unstable environment, imagining new coordinates and systems of cohexistence. The installation represents the inexorable force of water during a flood: through constant rolling a group of performers creates a movable surface on which objects and people slide. The close relationship and dependence that is created between the bodies refer to issues such as survival and solidarity, men’s urgencies within every conflict.
The video is projected on a plexiglass surface coverd with salt.