COSO (2010)

choreography and dancers: Francesca Telli, Marta Melucci, Cristiano Fabbri
light design: Paolo Spotti
costumes: Raffaella Spampanato
set design: Schuko and Augustin Olavarria
production and distribution: Schuko and Noura Produzioni

duration: 50 min.

Coso’s first inspiration came from the ancient Japanese Bunraku technique, a form of performance where big puppets are moved by puppeteers that, visible on stage, animate them with very elegant and refined gestures. They don’t exist as real identities – in fact they are completely clad in black clothing – but neither do they hide, and their presence as movers becomes a fundamental part of the performance. From this we developed the idea of creating something similar by telling the story of a man moving in a domestic space, but not completely alone. His private space is inhabited by others: shadows, puppeteers, his alter ego, guardians… Figures animating his feelings and fears, interfere with his thoughts and his relationship with space.

Photo 4 by Mirella De Bernardi
Photo 5 by Leonardo Fiorini