F I N E primo studio

idea and design: Schuko company
choreography and performers: Francesca Telli , Marta Melucci
graphic: Tomoko Nagao
original music : Claudio Fabbrini
costumes: Lamula – Raffaella Spampanato
assistent scenographer: Rina Fukushima
production: Schuko and Atelier Spazio Expò

Schuko’s contemporary dance dialogues with the work of visual artist Tomoko Nagao, creating a living and ever changing landscape .
F I N E is about a love story, the one between man and his territory.
Through a visionary aesthetic where natural and artificial mix together,  it offers an imaginative and harsh view of reality, according with the approach of  superflat  Japanese art. Body and  image dance together in a continuos compromise between giving up and resisting.